Best Dermatology Treatment In Lucknow


“Besides being our largest organ, the skin is constantly on display to others around us. This means that its exposure to risks is bigger, and it can be affected and damaged by various factors that are outside of our control. These factors may be genetic predispositions, infections, or even environmental hazards. We offer a wide range of dermatological services for conditions that affect the skin from alopecia and acne, to psoriasis and skin cancer in both adults and children."

General Dermatology

Dermatology is the study of the skin. It deals with conditions such as acne, fungus, abscesses, itching, rashes, actinic keratosis, autoimmune disorders, contact dermatitis, eczema, hair loss, mole examination and removal, melanoma, nail disorders, rashes, rosacea, skin cancer, skin infections, athlete's foot and ringworm, herpes infections, skin growths and warts.

Surgical Dermatology

Surgical dermatology services offered at Mayo Medical Centre include destruction and excision of benign, premalignant as well as malignant skin lesions and cysts. Skin cancer is among those problems that often require surgery but only after evaluation of the lesion and review of pathology results. Acne scars can also be treated through surgery. Other surgical services that we offer include micrographic surgery, facial reconstruction surgery and nail surgery.

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