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Don’t Just See Better. See the Best.
From general eye care to the most advanced surgeries and treatments, at Mayo Medical Centre our ophthalmologists aren't just leaders in the field of eye care. They’re also educators training the next generation of eye doctors, so you know you’re getting the kind of eye care that you deserve.
Vision is something that most of us take for granted, until something goes wrong. That’s when we realize how important our eyes truly are. At Mayo Medical Centre, we believe in providing the full spectrum of eye care, from comprehensive eye exams to complex surgical procedures. For routine care or cutting-edge treatment, you get fellowship-trained ophthalmologists who are experts in every corner of the cornea, every region of the retina – the entire optical system inside and out. Providing the best care includes getting to know you and the role vision plays in your life, and making it better by helping you see your best.

Comprehensive Eye Care

We examine your eyes from all angles to look for common vision problems and eye diseases. Here’s what to expect during your exam:
Dilation – Dilation allows your doctor to examine the retina of your eye with a powerful magnifying lens and check for any signs or damage such as glaucoma or macular degeneration.
Tonometry - We test intraocular pressures accurately using state of the art equipment.
Field Test – This measures your peripheral vision, (how far you see to the side), to help determine any risk factors for glaucoma or other eye diseases.
Acuity Test – The tried-and-true eye chart test measures how well you see at different distances, indicating healthy vision, near or farsightedness and/or astigmatism.
That’s it. You are done. Your eyes will return to normal within a few hours and we will have a clearer picture of your eyes and their health.

Eye Surgery

“From cataract to cryopexy, endolaser to eye muscle surgery, each procedure is performed in a single, one-day visit. You’re in, you’re out. Never hurried but always convenient. This is the way eye surgery should be."

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