Pain Management Clinic


“ No one should have to live with chronic pain."
Our Pain Management staff will help you reduce or eliminate pain to help you achieve a normal, productive lifestyle.
We start with a thorough assessment that includes a complete pain history, followed by a personal treatment plan that ranges from the most conservative pain control management techniques to complex interventional pain procedures.
Your care might include physical therapy and occupational therapy. Your plan also might include alternative, non-medical solutions — in many cases highly effective — such as pain psychology for biofeedback, hypnosis and other relaxation techniques.
An appointment for an initial consultation in the Pain Management Center requires a primary care physician referral with your medical records pertaining to previous pain treatment. For more information on scheduling an appointment please call us today.


Adopting an integrated approach to pain management and spinal care, we bring together a group of quality pain specialists who use a scientific and advanced approach to the diagnosis and management of spinal problems, chronic pain, and other painful disorders.
Common pain problems we treat include:
Chronic pain
Complex regional pain syndrome
Neuropathic pain
Facet joint pain
Back pain
Neck pain


Mayo Medical Centre is a unique and super-specialised medical clinic with a substantial focus on the treatment of spinal problems and other pain-causing conditions.
We endeavour to provide prompt clinical assessments, accurate diagnosis and world class treatment for our patients.


At Mayo Medical Centre, you're not simply a patient, you're someone we care about. Our primary goal is to improve your quality of life. By working as a team we aim to maximise your chance of achieving the best possible outcome and successfully managing your pain.
we also understand that your well-being involves more than just pain management. That's why our customised treatment plans are carefully tailored to suit your specific condition and life circumstances.
In many cases your treatment can be coordinated and provided from a single location, drawing on the availability and expertise of other Precision specialists who may be able to contribute to your care. This may avoid the need to travel from one specialist to another during the course of your treatment.

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