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About Department

Department of orthopedics and joint replacement surgery is a state-of- the-art specialized facility designed to provide the best possible results and care to patients.
As a centre of excellence, Mayo Medical Centre is committed to providing a compassionate, safe,high quality, and exceptional patient experience. The centre offers comprehensive orthopedic care in multiple specialty areas such as arthroscopic surgeries, replacement surgeries, spine surgeries, trauma, fractures, arthritis and general orthopedics. Our qualified and well experienced team of doctors integrates all aspects of both surgical and nonsurgical specialized care by collectively combining their knowledge, experience, and expertise.
High quality of implants is used in the replacement surgeries and world class rehabilitation services are offered to ensure speedy recovery. With the help of advanced arthroscopy procedures the surgeries can be done as a day care procedure and is less painful.

Services Offered

  • Complicated and Referred Cases of Polytrauma
  • Spine Surgeries
    • Spinal Stabilization Procedures
    • Spinal Canal Decompression, Discectomies etc.
    • Nerve Root Blocks, Caudal Epidural Infiltrations
  • Joint Replacement Surgeries
    • Knee Replacement
    • Hip Replacement
  • Arthroscopic Ligament Reconstruction Surgeries
    • ACL Reconstruction, Meniscal Repairs & Meniscectomy
  • Congenital Deformities
  • Radial Club Hand Deformity
  • Nerve and Tendon Pathologies
    • Tendon Repair
    • Nerve Repair and Grafting
    • Peripheral Nerve Decompressions
    • Dupuytren’s Contracture
  • Musculoskeletal Tumors
  • Trauma & Internal Fixator Surgeries
  • Comprehensive Care for Arthritis
  • Pediatrics Orthopaedics

Useful info and health tips

Joint and bone health
  • Don’t over exercise - regardless of the type of exercise you do, or how heavy the workout, our bodies need time to repair. Someone who does hours of intense exercising daily will have more problems with chronic joint pain than someone who allows their body to recuperate. Our muscles, tendons and ligaments all need time to rest and repair after a hard workout. That’s what causes them to strengthen over time.
  • Lose weight - extra body weight creates strain on our joints, particularly the knee joints. Losing as little as 10 pounds of body weight can help reduce pain.
  • Change positions - sitting or standing all day, day after day, can cause joint pain. We need to vary our routines to give both our bodies and joints variety and rest periods.Getting up and moving around is helpful to break up a routine and keep our bodies in shape.

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